Tuesday, July 23, 2013

review: i finally tried wine ice cream

Late last year I found this amazing wine ice cream and I was all "ooohh, break me off a piece of that!" until I realized it's only available in select states.

Well, thanks to some amazing friends who came to visit from New York, I finally got to try the amazeballs invention that is Mercer's wine ice cream. [Thanks to some dry ice, which created a really eery scene in my sink.]

Turns out, Nugget really likes it. I think cats really do take after their parents. [I have one slut and one alcoholic, so you do the math.] Anyway, I just figured I'd sneak a picture of him in here. Now onto the review.

 First of all, they're all so freakin' creamy and smooth, it's easily one of my favorite ice cream textures ever of all time before I even taste it. When it comes to flavor, these are my favorites, in order [without any fancy wine tasting descriptions cuz I know nothing about that]:

  1. Chocolate Cabernet: You'd think it'd be a no brainer that anything chocolate wins. Well, yes, it's winning... but I really don't like Cabernet. The chocolate definitely masks it for the most part, with just a slight after-taste of the wine. It also has delicious chocolate chip shreddings.
  2. Red Raspberry Chardonnay: This one was a no brainer. I love fruity ice cream, I love Chardonnay, and this is delightful. The flavor is strong from both ends, but not too strong.
  3. Port: I've never had this kind of wine, but considering the ice cream is purple and I normally fear purple things, I thought I'd hate it. It's definitely different, and not many people who have tried it liked it, but I do.
  4. Riesling: It has no added flavor, and it doesn't need it. It tastes like a creamy Riesling, and that's not a bad thing. It's refreshing and tastes like you're drinking.
  5. Peach White Zinfandel: I thought I'd love this one, but I just don't. I'm not sure if it's a weird White Zin flavor or that the peach throws me off, but this one will probably be a pretty full container for a while.

Pretty obvious which ones I've taken several extra bites from, huh? You might also be able to tell that the chocolate one is not nearly as creamy as the rest. Unfortunately, that's true.. but it's still damn good.

See? He loves it. Maybe I'll just give him the leftovers. 

My overall reaction: GET THIS. If you're having a girl's night or even just a night in alone, this is your perfect companion. If you don't live in New York, Texas, New Hampshire, Tennessee, or Vermont, you need to get some good friends who do, and make them visit you. 


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