Tuesday, November 27, 2012

nifty: wine ice cream

If this isn't the perfect thing for a girls night, I truly don't know what is.

Allow me to introduce you to wine infused ice cream from Mercer's. Yes, I'm serious.

It looks delicious and sounds delicious, with FIVE FLAVORS:

  • cherry merlot
  • chocolate cabernet
  • peach white zinfandel
  • port
  • red raspberry chardonnay
  • riesling
Did I mention it has 5% alcohol?! That's more than your average beer. I think I just found a new way to get drunk. [I mean... a new way to enjoy my evenings, Mom...]

Obviously I had to email them because their website is a bit confusing for an ADD chic and I need this in my life! Unfortunately it's not readily available in stores in the DMV, but they did tell me Texans are in luck if they wanna find it in a store. The rest of us gotta call to order for $7.95 a pint!

If Santa's looking at this, I hope he knows I really want this in my stocking... hopefully in something that won't let it melt. Then I'll plan the most epic girls night ever.


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