Tuesday, July 9, 2013

10 ways to celebrate national sugar cookie day

You know I love me a good food holiday, and today we have a delicious one!

Who says you can only eat sugar cookies around Christmas?! NOT ME OR PINTEREST!

Here are some delicious recipes I've gathered for your enjoyment.

Sugar cookie CUPS! Fill them with fruit, ice cream, whatever your heart desires!

Sugar cookie DIP! [And throw some chocolate chips in there, too!]

Fill those cookies with CHEESECAKE!

Or take that cheesecake and sugar cookie and make them into bars!

Add some blueberries so you can pretend they're healthy!

Red hot sugar cookie bars?! I do love me some cinnamon.

Sugar cookies... with FROSTED FLAKES!

GET IN MY MOUTH, ALL OF YOU! [But I might have to pull the Seacrest and spit it out after a bunch of chews.... ya know, to keep the calories down. That Seacrest... so smart.]

Happy celebrating!


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Anonymous said...

Thank you for including Crispy Frosted Flakes Sugar Cookies from www.themondaybox.com in your sugar cookie round-up! This desert safe recipe is great for munching at home or mailing in a care package. Happy National Sugar Cookie Day!