Monday, June 24, 2013

watch videos: not a good day for news anchors

The Super Moon must have gotten the best of the news anchors/reporters/meteorologists this weekend! I had a pretty fun morning/day looking through the crazy amount of screw-ups they had!

First, a weather-lady who's terrified of spiders has to face her fear... BIG time.

Then the lady who can't stop laughing during a really serious bunch of stories...

I like it so much better when they don't apologize... but I guess if they wanna keep their job they have to do it. Dumb.

As if I haven't laughed enough [people laughing makes me laugh, duh]... there's this woman who's just trying to get closer to the story... but she should know that people are a-holes.

But, if I'm being honest... my favorite one of the day/week/maybe even year so far... is this lady dropping the f-bomb twice. It's not her doing it that makes me laugh... that mostly makes me wanna punch the photographer/editor in the face for letting that go through to the show... The anchor's face as soon as it cuts back to her- that's priceless.

Oh man. I love them all. Thank you, news people everywhere. These are reasons I didn't get into hard news. I can't just yell "DRINK!" every time I mess up.


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