Tuesday, June 25, 2013

nifty: i will only drink heineken once this new bottle debuts

Heineken: not one of my favorite beers. Not even in the top ten-fifteen top options... but I'll tell you what.... If this here bottle that they're introducing is real life and available to everyone soon, it's all I'll be drinking.

Basically, they'll have a little plastic bottom that lights up every time you cheers someone, take a sip, or dance to some loud music. When you're being a lame and not drinking, the light is out. Don't let your light go out.

How FUN does that look?! Someone said "After the novelty wears off, the idea seems absurd. I mean, would you want a beer that lights up every time you took a sip of it?"

Simple answer: Hell to the YES! It'd be an instant party every time!

Someone tell me when this can be in my fridge and how much it's going to cost me... cuz it's going to happen.