Thursday, May 30, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 052913

I thought that the warmer weather would bring out more people to this here weekly event, but I may have been wrong.. I seem to be so far, anyway.

BUT! We have some people who are still having fun with my favorite day of the week... so let's show em off.

Neon= YES PLEASE! Love the top paired with studded flats on Cara.

@naomicvargas is really good with those maxis and crop tops.

@jannashepherd was gettin her red carpet on with a fun floral dress! I'm also enjoying her coworker's necklace and color combo.

@showmewhytheycallyouruthless also rocked a floral dress! I feel like the perfect word for it is "darling."

@kcessna said she's obsessed with her new ring, and I'm lovin' it too!

The t-shirt that @ksnedegar is wearing is starting to rule the world and I'm not mad about it. Also not mad about the shoes. I need them.

These low cut in the back tanks that @llllinds is wearing need to be in every closet this summer. It's a fun game of peekaboo for the beach OR the bars.

@abaker1804 scored these fab heels for under $10! I like her.

Loving every piece on @vlaxerg today. That rose necklace is awesome, and I think those are striped shorts so yes please.

Also loving the striped/high waisted shorts combo on @caseyreneed. The necklace adds a simple but important touch.

Got two looks out of @kimmisaurusrex in one day! The super pretty make-up/white blazer combo and then the more relaxed shorts outfit. I think those are acid washed, and I also think I really like them.

@mingalovee was the birthday girl! And looking beautiful in that polka dot dress!

@kacikruz is gettin fancy with her pearls and floral!

And @Yelp757HRVA got fancy with his socks! I think it's fun that guys are getting more into socks now.

@asnedegar gets her shorts from Walmart. I'm about to say BRB and get some of my own, cuz they look great!

Speaking of looking great, I can't say how much I love the ideas in this outfit on @alorabuzz! Chambray over a dress or skirt! Baggy, short shirt over a skirt that's not super tight. Booties in the summer! I'm taking notes.

Had to get @MTVJess in on this because her shorts/sandals are just great!

And here's Matt's outfit. I never have any words for him.

You may have seen me wearing a shirt turned skirt on Instagram [check it out here!], but I was worried about it riding up while hosting my new club night, so I changed into this!

-tank from TJ Maxx- $4
-skirt from Charlotte Russe- $10
-super old sandals from I think
-orange feather earrings from CR, about $2

Note to self: Start taking off the obnoxious but awesome hair ties before taking pictures of your outfit.

And again, thanks to everyone who submits and especially to those who get their friends to do it!


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