Wednesday, May 29, 2013

the perfect adult summer camp schedule

I saw a commercial for one of the gymnastics summer camps I went to as a kid and immediately got so jealous. Why are there no summer camps that adults can escape to [without having to watch over children]?!

It seemed like a lot of people felt my pain in having something missing from their lives, so let's just imagine what the perfect day would be like, after making your brand new friends...

11:00 am- Wake up, and head to brunch. Free Mimosa and Bloody Mary bars included. 

12-2:30 pm- Leisure time. Hang out with friends, play on ropes courses, ziplines, trampolines, horseback riding, dune buggies, paintball, arcade, etc. 

2:30-5:00 pm- Sports time. Every sports facility imaginable available from fields to gymnastics gyms... workout equipment to swimming pools... water sports and extreme sports... even circus sports.

5-7:00 pm- Happy hour and dinner. If we're really dreaming, we wouldn't have to pay for the drinks... or they're only $1 during this time.

7-9:00 pm- Group activities. Campfires, slip n slides, mud wrestling, competitions like tug o' war and kickball, etc. 

9-10:00 pm- Get ready/pre-game time.

10pm-2:00 am- Themed bar night. Each night is different [subject to change]. 
  • Monday: Karaoke 
  • Tuesday: Party Like It's 1999
  • Wednesday: Anything But Clothes
  • Thursday: White Trash
  • Friday: Celebrity
  • Saturday: Halloween
  • Sunday: Pajamas

2:00 am- Get an anti-hangover shot/pill and head to bed. 

Damnit, now I'm even more mad I can't just get away and do this right now. There are some adult summer camps, but they're mostly pretty focused on what you like to do. There's also a Camp Grounded in Cali that seems to have a little bit of everything, minus the adult activities and extreme sports.

So now the question is... who's gonna fund this idea and help me make it happen?! It shouldn't be that hard, right?!?!


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