Tuesday, May 28, 2013

watch: a mini fresh prince reunion that will excite your heart

What happens when Will Smith, Jazzy Jeff, "Carlton" and Jaden Smith get together on a talk show in the UK?! Greatness happens, my friends. Straight up greatness.

[And also a "Fresh Prince" theme song remix, the Carlton dance, and even a little "Jump On It."]

Okay, first of all... I am just so obsessed with Jaden/Will's relationship it's not even something I can handle. How awesome would it be to have him as your dad?! And you can just see how proud Jaden is of this fact in every interview they do. It's the absolute cutest ever.

Then we get into the Fresh Prince stuff... STOP IT! It's exactly what every fan of the show could want these days. Shoot, every fan of Will in general. He's gotta come out with new music again soon, right? I mean... he sees how much we love it... he sees Justin Timberlake's return.... he clearly loves it.... and he's gotta launch his son's career some more....

I want to watch that whole video again. It makes me so happy.


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