Tuesday, May 28, 2013

pinspired: shower curtains turned window curtains

Maybe one of my most favorite, genius ideas Pinterest has taught me is the *art* of turning one shower curtain into two window curtains.

Were you aware you could get a fantastic shower curtain from Ross or TJ Maxx for $8? I got a yellow damask one for that price, and it was originally $28!

BTW- this is how ugly the curtains in the bedroom were before.

That doesn't even show the horrid-ness of it. They were a black-out beige that blended in to the walls and just made the room feel dull and dark. 

Originally I planned on making yellow an accent color in the room with the thrift store lamps and other things, but when I found these yellow curtains, I loved them. I was excited to mix up patterns and bring some light to the room. 

Because my room came with built in curtain rods, and I didn't plan on having some huge drapes in there, cutting a shower curtain in half was the perfect width for both sides. 

It's the easiest thing you'll ever make for your house. You cut in half, sew or bond the cut end under as a hem, then either hang them with shower curtain rings or attach pieces of ribbon across the top. 

I went the ribbon route, but I think I'll be undo'ing that action and probably just getting some rings for it. Because my curtains are so light, you can see the ribbon through them when the sun is shining through.

Also when the shining through, it makes it a bit difficult to show you the design and how light, colorful, and fun they really are in the room. 

...so here they are with a little flash/nighttime help.

I'm not/wasn't worried about the pattern being centered, especially because the curtains are perfectly aligned on the outer sides of the bed. Plus, I don't think anyone is really ever going to notice unless they're looking at that picture. 

So to sum it all up, you can get two curtains for the price of one. You don't even have to spend $20-30 at Target. Two curtain panels for $8 total. That's a freakin' bargain, my friends.

Also, they look fabulous if you use two panels on one window. I really enjoy the one Little Pink Monster [Kane's wife] used for her daughter's bedroom.

Next up in my bedroom: fixing up that nightstand. It really brings everything down, huh? All I want is a "grown up room!"


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