Thursday, May 9, 2013

pinspired: recycled wine bottle repelling torch

I am SO excited for this summer and being able to hang out in my back patio/area/whatever I should call it. It had privacy fences, room for activities, and a bar that is on the outside of our kitchen window... AKA an outdoor bar with easy access to inside!

So, the first thing I'm doing to get ready for the parties is making something to repel all the damn cicadas that are looking to ruin our lives this summer.

The pin said "classy way to get rid of the bugs...."

I'll be honest.... those look anything but classy, but I'm here to party... not be fancy!

I spent $15 on the supplies for two torches [more than I expected, but I could probably find all of this stuff at the dollar store to be honest. I suck.

-wine bottle
-stones of some sort that will fit in the bottle [so you don't have to use as much oil]
-washers [mine were 1/2"... just make sure the hole is the width of the wicks or even a little smaller]
-torch fuel

I decided to "fancy" mine up a little bit... and by fancy I mean make it unique so I felt like it was worth making myself. Using painters tape, I quickly threw some designs on them bottles. [Say as if you're singing "throw some d's on that bitch."]

Then, I spray painted. I didn't want it to be completely opaque since I bought the fun gems for inside. 

From there, it's SO simple. Put the stones in the bottle, put the wick through the washer, fill the bottle with oil so half the wick is submerged, and stick the washer/wick in!

They said if there's any air getting through the wick and washer, it could get smokey... so I put a rubber band on one that seemed a little loose fitting. Hopefully that will do the trick. [I know, I should have tried this before posting, but it was light outside and no bugs were visible!]

The gems actually look really pretty in the sunlight!

One thing to know: If you spray paint, make sure you don't spill the oil on the outside of the bottle! It'll take the paint right off. 

I'll be sure to update this as soon as I give it a full trial! I also plan on hanging them on the fence.


EDIT 5/13: I can confirm that they light up, stay lit, and from what I can tell- keep the bugs away from them. SCORE!

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