Monday, May 6, 2013

pinspired outfit: white jeans and a denim vest

I know day 3 was Friday, but because I don't even know what a laptop is on the weekends, I'm just now getting around to updating. I decided to get pinspired by this outfit I found while searching for ideas for my new denim moto jacket.

I don't have a necklace that is anything like that, but I kinda have the other pieces, so I did what I could. I mostly loved the color combo and pretty but *rough* look to it. 

I couldn't decide which options I liked best, so I actually wore the one on the left to work, and brought the necklace/heels to change into for going out that night. 

On the left:
-denim vest from F21 $22
-tank from Charlotte Russe so long ago
-white jeans from Papaya $16
-aztec flats from Target $8
-necklace from F21 clearance $5
TOTAL: ~ $55

On the right: 
-same vest/shirt/jeans
-pumps from Target $20
TOTAL: ~ $65

I really wish my vest was a little bit smaller, and if I'm being honest, I still have the tag on in hopes of finding it in a better size soon. They'll never know, right?! I also tried on the boots I have that are similar to those in the original pin, but I just don't think it went with my necklaces as well as hers.

While they're not identical matches, the combo of the colors and denim are what I like best. I'll be doing it many more times.


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