Wednesday, May 22, 2013

pinspired: 'merica nails and cut-offs for memorial day!

I know my DIY last week was all 'Merica-fied, but can you really have too much of it?! Abso-freakin-lutely not!

I've seen a lot of USA inspired nails in my day, but this one totally stood out to me.

There were no instructions, but I didn't really need any. I've done the red/white stripes before, and I figured I could use pins for the polka dots! That I did!

[I feel like I have 80 year old hands to match my knees... heyzeus]

You might be able to see that there's a stripe down the middle of the red. I originally tried to do vertical stripes, but liked it better just plain red.. so I painted right over it.

Just in case you wanted to know my colors, even though I don't know what they're called.

I found a pair of red jeans that totally didn't fit me and I couldn't return, so I've been trying to figure out what to do with them.... then I saw this.

How cute are those?! Since my pants were red and JoAnn's has a whole section of 'Merica fabric at the front of the store, I knew exactly what to do.

There aren't a whole lot of pictures of the process [and by not a whole lot, I mean zero], but that's because it's basically just tracing, cutting, and pasting once you've cut your pants to the desired short length.

I got 1/4 yard of fabric, put it over the front pant leg, traced with a washable marker, and then cut it out. Then you just repeat for the back pocket, and either sew the pieces on or use your fusible web tape that I've been preaching.

And even though it's What Ya Wearin Wednesday, I'll give you a look at my outfit right here. 

More proof that I need to work on my ass.

I'm probably going to change the length of them and either roll them up or just cut them. I feel like they look horrible when they hit at that length.

The whole cost for this: $2. That's it. The fabric was about $1.50. Wham, bam, thank ya ma'am!

Do it. Like now. Maybe to all of your shorts or old pants.


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