Wednesday, May 22, 2013

pinspired video: trying all the booty workouts in the studio

Hopefully you follow me on Twitter and have seen me talking about doing all my ass workouts while doing my show. It's true, I really do them. I found one pin that has "the 22 best exercises for your butt" and have been doing at least half of them pretty regularly.

Here are some of them, in fun EB's vlog form.

And here's how I'm feeling about them:

  • Squat challenge: NEGATIVE. Doing only this is not going to do much for your ass, and I've had many friends try it for the full month and see nothing... even the girls with the smallest of butts. Do other things in addition, silly!
  • I call them "scales," but the standing straight up, holding your leg behind/a little to the side for 30 seconds-1 minute [depending on your strength] then doing 30 small raises afterwards... they're my favorite. I feel like my cheeks are instantly lifted after doing 3 sets. 
  • "Simple Bridge"- I think it works, but it looks hella awkward. I like to do about 30 of them and then hold for a minute. Seems to work a lot of muscles!
  • Single leg squats [that I forgot to include for some reason]- THESE work, but they work everything! My 80 year old knees can't handle them well. I did two sets of 10 or 15, and my knees kept giving out for the next couple hours.
  • Butt pinchers- Stop. This is a joke of an exercise.
  • Side squats: These seem to work more than just regular squats for me, but I still wouldn't use it as my only exercise.
  • Squat sit- Another one that I can feel right away, specifically in my butt, but also in my knees. I need a replacement. 
If you've found some that aren't in the pin or the video that totally work, share with me/us puh-lease! I know I had a ton that we always did in gymnastics, but I'm totally brain-farting on the ones that would bring my gymnast booty back without making it impossible to walk on my knees. 


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