Thursday, May 23, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 052213

Whewie it's Wednesday again! So like.. let's do it.

Like @alorabuzz said, a little paisley does a closet good! Love the shirt, but most importantly those shoes!

I can't believe @ksnedegar is sporting a Mathletes shirt. What a cute little loser. [JAY-KAY, DUH!]

@BrookeRadio was lookin' all country with her boots and cut-offs, but fancied it up with the pretty coral blazer!

Saw that @SaharDika was wearing this perfect outfit on her way to a Marina and the Diamonds show and had to post it!

@katie__richter says this outfit is ratchet but I think she's cray. It's simple, comfortable and cute, and I really do love the Smirnoff umbrella.

@vijayldas was reppin' a t-shirt from his favorite show last year!

@kimmisaurusrex was lookin' all office lady stylish and sexy! Love the necklace under the collar look.

Also loving @vivalasole's shirt and high waisted shorts combo. That light pink really is great.

Check out @riddler2369 with the fancy tie knot!

Aztec prints, jean jacket, and cute sandals... @taay_rosebrough's got it all today.

@thecullenbunch1 rocked some chucks and a silly Pikachu shirt.

I'm loving every part of @abaker1804's simple but great work outfit.

@amsnedegar also kept it casual, comfy and cute. Hey, the 3 c's!

@KaciKruz has a fun, bright collection of colors! That cardigan is greatness.

@llllinds' dress is perfect as a cover-up OR a night out... AKA it's perfect for living here at the beach.

@RomulaLynn said she was inspired by all of my Pinspiration posts, and fishtailed her bangs, then brought that into a bigger, side fishtail! Love.

@matty_may757 got to go to a Braves game, which isn't fair.

And @captainamandica got to go to the movies in a sassy band t-shirt, which I approve.

@kristin_bubblyonabudget said the easiest outfit is throwing on a printed dress. She's right, but that printed dress is one of the most fabulous prints! Jealous.

Loving @alex_bubblyonabudget's take on red white and blue! Those pants are so fun and different!

@showmewhytheycallyouruthless took a pair of jeans she never wore and turned them into shorts! I'm loving the subtle print on them.

I also took jeans that were awful and turned them into shorts! [You can see the full DIY/how-to here.. it only cost me $2! I also did my nails fancy.]

To be honest, everything is so old I have no idea where it came from besides my America earrings that I got from

And FYI, thanks to Rome, I know that WE ALL must be doing something right 'cuz uh...... this happened today.

You guys are the best, the first, and my favorite forever and ever. Thanks for making this something other people wanna do.


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