Monday, May 6, 2013

pinspired: I tried a weight-loss body wrap!

[day 5] I'm about to put parts of myself out there that I never have before!

I've seen a lot of these body wraps online and at different events for the radio station, and was always a little skeptical. Then I started seeing pins of results like this...

I found a local girl who sold them on Instagram and decided to give it a shot. I got two wraps, and basically assumed I was going to have my 8 pack back in no time. 

To do it, you get a little paper towel kinda thing that's soaked in a lotion, put it on your "trouble area," and wrap yourself in saran wrap for up to 8 hours. The first time I did it during the day, but she told me it worked better overnight, so I slept in it the second time.

It actually feels really nice... a lot like an Icy-Hot pack on your belly for a while. It's a bit debilitating because of the wrap, but it also made my posture feel better and a little uncomfort is worth a flat tum.

Turns out... results are different for everyone. While I saw some changes, I didn't get the definition I imagined. [PS I HATE when people post these pictures on Instagram and Facebook, etc. I really don't care to see your stomach's progress... but I don't think there's any other way for me to give you the deets on this!]

The bottom left is before both of them.. top left is right after the first one, and the two on the right are 48 hours after the second. [It takes up to 72 hours to get the full results after a wrap.] I think I lost about an inch around, but my skin definitely tightened and I don't feel as flabby. 

Skinny Rush told me that a "full session" would be 4 wraps, so with two more I'm sure I'd be lookin' real good. 

Here's what I'm thinkin: These wraps are perfect if you have a big event or vacation or something coming up. It would also be good if you've been working out, and just need a little help with that last bit of flab. It's a quick way to tighten everything up and feel more confident. However, if you're looking to keep weight off and really look and feel good- just work out! It wouldn't have taken me toooo long to work off the weight/inches that the wrap helped me with.

If you've ever tried them, let me know how it worked out for you! Or if you're going to try them, let me know that too and definitely holler at Skinny Rush! She's great. [You can also see a lot more results pictures that make me very jealous.]


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Unknown said...

Aside from the military diet, I was getting enough light exercise to get me through the regimen and I'm so pleased! I lost a lot of pounds because of the diet. Like you, I did a wrap in order to tighten my tummy area. The weight just came off but I can see that my tummy part tended to sag. I love this diet and I want to say that it works well. The food list is affordable and everyone can try it - even if you're so busy with work. See this resource page: