Thursday, May 2, 2013

pinspired: diy aztec sunglasses

I plan on switching up my Pinspiration posts more than just crafts, FYI, but nothin' wrong with two in a row, right?!

Today I present to you... my decorated sunglasses that only cost me $4!

I've seen a LOT of different ways to personalize your sunglasses, and I plan on trying a lot of them, but I was really obsessed with these 'Merican ones, done with Sharpie!

I know they sell really cheap sunglasses at Five Below, so I shot over there and found a lot of sunnies I loved, but none that were plain white to make into a flag. 

When I saw the neon ones, I had to get them, and decided to make a WVU/Aztec print on the side. I looked up some patterns on Google for inspiration, pulled out some of my favorite Sharpie colors, and got to drawing!

There was no real plan or repetition in my pattern... I just kept doodling. Each side is different.

Sure, they're not perfect, but I actually like them that way.... and they look really great from just a couple feet away.

I've totally been showing these off since I made them. They're one of a kind... and less than $5 [each pair is only $4 at Five Below!]. And I'll absolutely be making more with this same technique... hopefully in support of our awesome country.


PS: The original pin said to use Sharpie's poster paint pens... but I've never seen those, and I assume their tips are a lot thicker/not good for this design. Plus, it woulda cost extra money and that's dumb.