Wednesday, May 1, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 050113

Would regular warm weather just hurry up and get here already?! It'd make putting together cute outfits a lot more fun.

Y'all seem to not mind, though!

@BrookeRadio went with the maxi+denim look that's taking over the world!

@kristin_bubblyonabudget has a fantastically cute dress!

I love the pattern and fit of @sweetdeprie's dress!

@abaker1804 put a shirt over her maxi dress for an all new look! This is one I'll be doing a lot too, I think.

@andrealeitonblog makes menswear style look hott!

Another shirt over a dress for @hannahmarieoz! The pattern mixing is fab.

LOVE @heloveslisaa's skirt and how her pumps lighten everything up.

These black and white stripes on @halleess may be Beetlejuice-y, but I really like them. [In fact, tried a couple of these on the other day. Guess I'll take notes on her outfit!]

Whenever I break out my warm clothes, I put my boots/booties away... but @megaroonitoon looks too good in basic pieces!

@one4chunk has the best nail color of the season on today!

@kcessna is apparently wearing a shirt from "the best gas station in all the land...." I say nothing beats 7-11, Sheetz, or WaWa.

@757ScentLover's Origami Owl necklace is so cute!

Normally I turn away from dresses of this length, but @meeshkatz looks great! The accessories are perfect.

@KaciKruz was inspired by @JannaShepherd's dress last week and got this awesome striped tank dress, and added her awesome shoes! Not matchy- but so cute together!

I guess I wanted to mix all kindsa trends in one today, and mix a bunch of pieces you've seen before! My DIY polka dot jeans, cap-toed pink pumps, mint button down... in total costing about $30-35! My lipgloss is CoverGirl Wet something or other in Plum Crazy. [You can also see my make-up more up close on Instagram!]

I'm sadfaced and missing some regulars, but I hope everyone will be back next week! I also thank everyone who's been recruiting friends! You da you da bomb!


PS: ICYMI, I found some people who had been using the wrong hashtag! So we caught up.

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