Tuesday, May 7, 2013

pinspiration fail!: fishnet nails aren't easy

Part of the reason I want to do this here month is to try things that I'm not sure I believe will actually work. These fishnet nails that seem like they'd be pretty easy to accomplish were the first trial... and were a total fail.

[Don't mind the messiness around the edges. I took pictures pre-cleanup like a dummy.]

I used a thicker mesh that I had leftover from my earring holder, put it down on my nail when it was only halfway dry, and patted loose glitter on it. The only "fishnet design" going on is the slight indent you can see, almost like I just stamped the fishnet on.

Maybe I shouldn't call it a complete fail, though. Even though there's nothing fancy to the glitter design, I do enjoy the black and glittery accent nail. 

Also, they went perfectly with my outfit. I tried to embrace the whole black and white in the summer trend with some pink accents for our artist spotlight with Capital Cities. [Sorry the picture quality sucks!]

As always, if you've tried this pin and done something to make it actually work, let me know! Post a link, send a picture, etc!