Monday, May 13, 2013

listen: radio host is hammered for her last show

Ya wanna know why your favorite radio personalities seem to just disappear overnight with no explanation? Because bosses are terrified of us going nuts as butts during our last show. We could cuss to no end, broadcast secrets about the station, or show up hammered drunk [also illegal].

I may or may not have been extremely intoxicated from the night before while doing my final show in College Station... but I think I played it off better than this BBC Radio lady. She is one big ol' sloppy, slurring hot mess. If you can make out half of what she's saying, you should become a translator.

“I’ve had a couple of drinks, I’m not drunk. I’m sad… Start your messages with… Stoke? Yes, start it with Stoke. I don’t care. Whatever you want to hear this afternoon, it’s like you can hear it.”  Just in case you needed some help...

I know radio people laugh at ourselves quite a bit... but this lady is awkwardly laughing way more than usual.  It's amazing. She drowned her sadness in happy, drunken, giggly tears. Perfect.

Also, if you stare at that picture while listening, it's almost like you see her with her drunken, half smile while doing the show. It's mesmerizing.


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