Tuesday, April 30, 2013

watch: baboons invade a house through a window

Y'all. This is like.... watching my Heaven exist on Earth.... but in a land not near mine. It's tear-jerking, but I love it.

An entire army of baboons broke into this guy's neighbor's house, and he filmed the whole thing. Literal sh!t is flying everywhere, but it's the most beautiful thing....

[Make sure you make it to 2:15ish at least, where they start yelling at one to get out through the door, as if it understands English.]

Seriously. I don't care about the damage done. I don't care if they start barking at me or whatever they're doing... I want baboons to live near me, and I want to leave my window open. I'll keep Slutty and Nugget safe, but they're welcome to anything else in here, as long as I get to play too.

Goodness, that's awesome. I need to move to a country with cooler animals.


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