Monday, April 8, 2013

a chart: the smartest party schools

Reading articles and clicking through a million galleries: Not for me. Seeing a bunch of information all on one graph: Perfect.

Buzzfeed put together this graph of all the major colleges, and where they stand in the academics and party rankings. I'm proud to say WVU is at the top of one side, and not at the total bottom of the other!

You can make it bigger by clicking on it if you're blind. 

I still think WVU should be even further to the right, but whateva. Hataz gon' hate. 

UVA #1 overall though when adding up the points?! GTFOH. They wear ties and dresses to football games. [Yeah, that's all I got on them, really.]

I also find it interesting that the most popular squares are the best of both worlds and the worst of both worlds. Sorry boutchya Kent State people. 

Now let's get sports mixed in here too. Would that make it 3-D. They have 3-D printers now....


PS: I should probably go back to school to learn about graphs.


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