Thursday, February 14, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 021313

I'm a slacker and waited until this morning to get all your beautiful pictures up, but the good news is- YOU didn't slack!

I love @Katiecakes26's tights. I'd be afraid to wear that design to work, but they look really good and classy!

@one4chunk may be pregnant, but her nails still look fabulous! Love the dark on her!

I need to take more layering notes from @myfitnessjourney9. And I love her pants!

@xxKaleigh1Dxx kept it easy and casual with her rain boots, plaid, and had! 

Red pants on @emdeeh03 for an early Valentine's Day celebration! Adding some spikes so it's not too dressy!

@chaneldoll22 looks so comfortable, but so put together! The red blazer is fantastic.

Absolutely obsessed with @clairescatter's dress and whole ensemble! I'm always scared to wear all black, but this is great!

@BrookeOnHOT took some inspiration from my post and got her entire outfit from WALMART! ..but you'd never be able to tell!

@thecullenbunch1 was sporting her rebel pin and spicing up her sweater!

How great are @KaciKruz's shoes?! She also showed off her great grandmother's wedding ring- love!

Stripes, a bright scarf, comfy moccasins.. what's not to love on @brittany_linder?!

Brights in the winter= the best! @McRayeOSunshine's outfit makes me happy!

More colors on @jannashepherd! I don't know if I've ever really seen blue tights on anyone, but they look great!

@alorabuzz always has great hair, but I'm loving the bun and braid combo! Taking notes for next time. Maybe even today.

See @ksnedegar's nail polish!? It changes color depending on temperature! Also a big fan of her yellow tights/blue skirt! [Go Mountaineers! ;)]

And check out @barelyaware's necklace! It's made out of Arizona tea cans! I want. It totally brings the blue shirt and purple Tom's together, too.

once again, @showmewhytheycallyouruthless is the freaking best at matching patterns. I'm going to buy some polka dot pants and make her some style me up.

As for me, I decided to go out of my comfort zone a little. I've seen these patterned tights everywhere, but was always afraid to try them. When I found them on eBay for $4, they were mine.

I also would never buy one of those long sweaters/dresses, but stumbled upon it at Ross for $8 and figured why not?! I'll be honest.... I've never been more comfortable in a "dress," if you'll even call it that. I felt like I was walking around in PJ's all day, with fabulous boots. [Because the boots were a gift, entire outfit= $15! Earrings/cami from Charlotte.]

[Don't ever make me take a pic of my legs like that again, please :)]

I realized that I have regulars participating in this here weekly feature in every city that I've ever lived in, and that's pretty neat. I also have their friends joining in sometimes, and of course new listeners from around here. It makes me happy. 

If you want to send me a picture of your Valentine's Day outfit, I will probably do a post all about them! #WhatYaWearinVDay or just tag me! 

Have a good day, lovers and friends! [Woah, remember how great that song was?!]


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Panty Buns said...

I love your wild tights, the lace inset back of your dress and the hot pink (camisole?) underneath. I think black and red or hot pink are a nice combination for contrast against a snowy background. My #WhatYaWearinVDay outfit is the outfit with the Chantelle Monarch Red briefs I male-modeled and reviewed in THIS VIDEO. I think a black top would have been better that the white top I wore with them. Your "what ya wearin wednesday" makes me want to join stumbleupon.
In addition to your own lovely pics I like the #WhatYaWearinWednesday pics I like the nailpolish by @one4chunk, @emdeeh03 's deep-pink/red pants, @clairscatter's dress. Happy #WhatYaWearinVDay @luvelizabethany !