Thursday, February 7, 2013

what ya wearin wednesday 020613

More smiles on my face thanks to you guys today! Here's your hotness!

I LOVE @ClaireScatter's monochrome ensemble, complete with animal print and fantastic boots!

@xxheyykaleighxx got to have a bummin' day!

Ya know, I've never thought about wearing a bowtie, but I really kinda LOVE it on @brunasharon

@allthingzglam looks grungy-chic. THIS is how I would wanna bring back 90s-plaid.

@danchiz looks great as always! Read about his outfit! 

Accidental twin day for @susannahrobertson and her friend! Simply cute!

Absolutely obsessed with this whole suit ensemble from @cmnaghibi, and really ALL of his outfits! Check em!

Fancy-dancy for @Siarrahhh and her interview! Total cost: under $50!

Birthday outfit for @abaker1804! LOVE the back of her shirt and the red bracelet, of course. [Happy Birthday!!]

STRIPES! [I need more.] And like @ksnedegar, I'm lovin big studs right now too.

Such bright green eyeshadow to brighten up @Random_Red's all black work outfit! 

@katiecakes26 is looking pretty and comfy in her work outfit, and that bag adds some fabulous.

@RomulaLynn wore her favorite outfit!

A jeggings and wedges kinda day for @snickers985!

Love the lace and boots combo on @brittany_linder! With red under the shirt, it'd be perfect for V-Day!

Love @emilyrose0905's touch of floral on her button down!

@KaciKruz's mint and sparkly nails: yes, please!

@thecullenbunch1 was proudly displaying her Charlie the Unicorn fandom.

@CoreyRadio is finally getting in on the phone, showing off his new, awesome, $20 jacket from Target. I want one!

@toribabyy14 said she was stayin' comfy, but like I always say: Add a scarf and it's instant fashion.

@BrookeonHOT brought back that awesome snakeskin scarf, but with an oversized cardigan and boots I want.

A little jealous of people who can pull off the midi-skirts. @JannaShepherd looks fab!

GREAT outfit with mint jeans! Love that striped top and necklace on @barelyaware!

LOVE the stripe down @showmewhytheycallyouruthless' pants!

Love the bowtie under @dubwalston's lab coat! [Is that what they call them in med school too? Whatevs, I am.]

As for me, I randomly threw these two tops together, and I'm not mad about it. 

-floral tank from LC Lauren Conrad at Kohls, $15ish
-button down sweater/cardigan thing from NY&C for $8
-jeans from F21 $10
-booties from Charlotte Russe $10
-earrings from $1

Normally I don't wear those booties to anywhere besides the club cuz they're really scuffed up, but I got its good side to show you, and luckily I didn't have anywhere to go besides work yesterday!

Look at that! Another successful week! Thanks to everyone who jumps in, as always, and here comes a shameless plug:

I hit 900 followers on instagram yesterday [YAY, thanks!], but now I want the quadruple digits. Help a girl out.  Love you!



K said...

LOVE your earrings!

elizabethany said...

Thank you! That website is seriously fantastic for earrings.