Wednesday, February 6, 2013

watch: awkward mini saved by the bell reunion on the today show

Tiffani Thiessen was on The Today Show this morning, and just when they were about to play a trivia game, she got a surprise that I'm thinkin' she didn't like so much.

Dennis Haskins, AKA Mr. Belding interrupted everything, and shook her hand. SHOOK HER HAND! They spent years together, but there's clearly some bad blood now.

People are saying she was just surprised, but COME ON. Even his excessive weight gain [probably thanks to all the college parties he's been going to these days] shouldn't make them only shake hands and make her look like she's using every muscle in her body to fake a smile.

I think it's safe to say a Saved By The Bell reunion won't be happening.... never mind the whole Screech-writing-a-tell-all issue... Hmph.


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