Monday, February 11, 2013

watch etv: i got straight up ugly for my latest vlog

People tell me to make "Jenna Marbles style vlogs" allll the time. It's weird, cuz I feel like my old videos were kiiind of that style [mixed in with clips of Real Worlders], but also, as much as I think we're ridiculously alike, I don't wanna try to do what she does so well!

So, I didn't do a Marbles video, but I did come up with something to just talk about and act out... and this time it was all about ugly people. They're winning lately, if you didn't notice.

People have been taking screenshots and posting them on my Facebook, which is making my life.

Mike N. made this because "it needed to be done."

And just because you're awesome and checking this out on my blog, I made this gem for you. 

Yeah, you're welcome.

Feel free to give me any ideas for vlogs in the future... or maybe I'll continue with the winning theme.