Tuesday, February 12, 2013

where are they now?: the cast of all that

I never realized how many people were involved in "All That" over the years until I looked at the full list of them all, and woah. I need to re-watch some old episodes beyond Lori Beth Denberg clips.

Here's what some of the [probably] forgotten ones are up to:

Angelique Bates: Her Twitter says actress, comedian, and radio host... but according to IMDb, the last thing she did that I've even heard about is Boston Public.. for one episode... in 2001.

Oh hey all grown up Josh Server. You're hott. And still doing nothing much beyond Nickelodeon shows.

Alisa Reyes, also a grown-up hottie mctottie, spends her days doing All That trivia on Twitter. She's also a radio host... on the internet. 

Boobs, I mean, Katrina Johnson is... can you believe it.... a radio host! On Uncensored Radio.

I think I mostly forgot that Gabriel Iglesias was on All That, since he's hosting his own show on Comedy Central and was seen in Magic Mike.

Surely no one has forgotten Lori Beth Denberg, but nowadays she's "living out her old age" and made an appearance on "Workaholics."

We all know that Amanda Bynes has gone crazy, Kenan is living the exact same life on SNL, Nick Cannon somehow landed the role of Mariah Carey's baby daddy, and Kel is off somewhere shooting D-list movies or something.

If you wanna know more about former writers and such, Buzzfeed's gotchya.


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