Thursday, February 21, 2013

nifty: you need to start sending friends these drunk postcards

Before we continue, let's all agree on one thing:

Snail mail > E-mail

Sure, email is way quicker and snail mail is like so 1989, but finding something in your mailbox that's actually something cool is a week-maker.

Now that we've settled that....

You need to check out DrunkCards, order some for only $2 a pop [including postage], and snail mail those suckers to all your ridiculous friends.

Here are my faves I'll be ordering:

I mean, there might be some inside jokes behind those, but all of the cards on the site are simple yet bizarre, and all about being reckless. 

If you're too cheap to spend a couple dollars on your loyal, fantastic friends, you could always cheat [I would never condone such a thing as what I'm about to say] and print their e-cards out. 

I think they're fantastic, and I will spend entirely too much time sending these out to friends. If you want one, you just let me know! 

Oh and BTW, you can get one sent to you for free to try it out. You betta believe I signed up for that!


PS: If you so happened to wanna send me one...... 
5589 Greenwich Road
Suite 200
Virginia Beach, VA 23462

Just, ya know... in case. Please don't send bombs.