Monday, January 14, 2013

nifty?: outrageous eyelash jewelry with fruit and unicorns

It seems like everyone is wearing fake eyelashes these days. Some may not be as noticeable, others definitely are... and I just think they're mostly annoying unless it's Halloween.

I wore these bad boys for my Twitter bird costume and while I think they looked great for what I was wearing, I don't ever want something that heavy on my eyes again. They're obnoxious.

Just when I thought those what the Dance Moms have been adding to their looks were ridiculous, I stumble upon these new *accessories.* Eyelash jewelry.

That would be unicorn confetti.... Hanging from your eyelashes.

These are the "snowflake lashes." 

And then there's also the fruit cocktail, cards, characters, etc. 

It seriously looks like they invaded my school supplies/craft box from first grade, took out all my collectible erasers and fun confetti, and thought it'd be a good idea to add it to precious eyelids and eyelashes instead of just sticking it to the corner of your eye [like the cool kids did back then].

But seriously... the SNOWFLAKES!!! What the bleepity bleep is that even supposed to accomplish besides scaring every single human being away from you?!

Oh, there's more...

In case you want to be some kinda of parrot-human freak one day....

And for the shoe lovers, who obviously need shoes for their eyes.

Did I mention they're all at least $25-30?!

I don't get it. Maybe it's because I would have no idea where to even begin when it comes to putting these things on, or maybe it's because I'm lame... Or MAYBE it's because this Eyelash Jewelry shop has lost their mind.... No matter what, these are not okay for any day besides All Slut's Hallow's Eve.

Would you wear ANY of them?! Let me know if I'm being a trend-prude.