Tuesday, December 4, 2012

gift guide 2012: for the lazy people

When I say it's for "lazy people," I say it's pretty much for anyone who wants a little more convenience in their life. They want to put in a little less effort for silly things. They're normal, really.

Here's what to get them to help 'em out forever:

It's a coaster and built in bottle opener. Why have BOTH, when you can have them IN ONE?! No getting up finding the opener after you already got up to get the beer. EVEN COOLER: These [from Iconik Etchings and Graphics] are all custom made, and only $5 each [or less, depending on how many you order.] 

If you or your friends are anything like me, they forget everything as they're walking out the door, whether it's for work or a long trip. BAM! This thing goes on the door and you'll never forget any of it. [Unless you're silly.] It's $15, or I bet you could figure out a way to make it for cheaper.

The second coolest of today, the handy dandy cutie mini robot! He cleans crumbs or anything on a table, desk, etc! Push a button and BAM. It's gone. And there's a new friend for your/their desk for only $18.

Okay, this one maybe won't make anyone's life easier, it's just for the straight up lazy people who need a boost. It's an alarm clock that is also a weight, and has to be lifted a bunch of times before it turns off. Burn some calories, wake your ass up, it's a win/win! [Until you throw the thing out the window.] 30 dolla.

If Robotman and the coasters don't get you excited, you need to evaluate your trying-too-hard lifestyle and chillax, bro.


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