Wednesday, December 12, 2012

10 amazing gingerbread houses for gingerbread house day!

Maybe it's because it's been damn near two decades since I built a gingerbread house, or maybe I'm just straight up awful at making them, but my creations never looked anything like these.

In celebration of a fantastic holiday [and mostly because I can't make my own tonight], just drool over these.

The icicles and the roof!!

This whole thing.. I don't know how they did it... I WANNA KNOW!

All this needs is !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Pretzels for a log cabin?! Taking notes......

This better be staying out all year for the amount of time that obviously went in.

Gingerbread BASEBALL FIELD?! You're a genius, person.

This one mostly looks delicious.

What do you think they planned before heading to the store to get all of these materials?!

Can I go there on vacation?! [Okay, that's corny.]

A beautiful, cute little church! Perfect. 

I take back what I said before. I don't even wanna make one tonight. These are intimidating and will make me hate myself for creating one that's not as good.