Friday, October 26, 2012

watch etv: going through "the village of the dead"

Something you might know about me: I'm terrified of the dark, and I also really hate scary movies. Being startled/surprised: not my thing.

So when I went through "The Village of the Dead" at Haunted Hunt Club Farms, ALONE [well, only a cameraman and one friend with me], I almost peed.

The thing about almost peeing is that's not even the worst part. I did bust my lip, fall down onto some dead body thing, and have tears stream out of my eyes. Luckily it was for a good cause: A video.

When you see us on the ground, we had run away, then ran into some zombie, fell down, and Jewel hit her head on a bridge. No one helped us up. They stood over us and laughed. It was a real life scary movie.

They were all told ahead of time that we were coming in, what our names were, and that they were allowed to touch us [normally they're not]. I hate knowing people sometimes.

It's hard for me to watch that video. I seriously squirm every time. Hopefully it's fun for someone to watch.


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