Monday, October 8, 2012

pics and video: the cast of clueless reunites!

EEP! I love that casts are starting to reunite! It's totally the cool thing to do. And Entertainment Weekly capitalized on that with an entire issue devoted to them, featuring our faves from Clueless. [Minus Brittany Murphy, of course. RIP. Hmph.]

Thankfully Travis is cleaned up and uber hott now, but you definitely can't say the same thing for Christian. Homeboy let himself go.

Before, obvi....

And after. See what I mean about Christian? Oof. 

But the best part: This video of them talking all about filming, the fashion, and the ridiculous hat Dionne wore.

Now can I get a reunion of "That Thing You Do?!" It's like, my favorite movie of all time, and I'd really enjoy a karaoke sesh with all the guys. Make it happen, world. Thanks.


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Big Hush said...

That was pretty cool