Thursday, October 18, 2012

new thing!- what YOU wearin wednesdays!

I'm always trying to get you and everyone involved in the things I do, not just on the show, but online too! And since I'm all about looking at people's outfits these days, I've decided to do "What You Wearin' Wednesdays."

No, I'm not trying to cyber with you sluts.. I just want to see what you wear on a normal day! [Or, if you wanna start dressing up for the occasion, by all means, do it!]

Here's what ya sent me yesterday:

@JannaShepherd in her awesomely decorated work bathroom, and loving the coral jeans!

@ashleyfay was stuck at work at Target!

@ClaireScatter with a sweater/scarf from Forever 21, Steve Madden boots, and a Kate Spade "super cute" phone case! 

@JenDBradley's favorite Doctor Who shirt brings the party!

I feel like @JohnKnowsSports' shirt should be in my dresser.

@KaciKruz is rocking what People Style Watch tells me is a huge trend- Girly pieces paired with leather or manlier pieces

@MDeFunk's outfit has got to be Pinspired. Variations of it all over the place! 

@MilaMimica1 with boots and a cardigan- love!

My coworkers Heather and @RomulaLynn dressed for a chilly day at Haunted Hunt Club Farms!

And I obviously have to jump in on the fun, too! I broadcast live from the local farm that turns into an awesome, haunted, fun place for Halloween, so I obviously had to get a little country. Although I think people walking by would guess I did country radio before thinking Top 40.

My mom found the shirt at the thrift store! [Here's a similar one!] My jeans are Britney Spears' Candies', and the shoes are from my awesome Texas friends. As for the earrings- I've got a post coming up all about this website I found you need to check out! 

I'm excited to see everyone's outfits every week now! I LOVE the variety that I got! THANK YOU for sending them to me!


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