Tuesday, September 25, 2012

eb fashion: white dress after labor day

Lauren Conrad said it's 2012 and you can totally wear white after Labor Day, and what LC says- goes.

I've seen a lot of lacy dresses all over Pinterest, a couple that were white, and I've totally wanted one, just never thought I'd find one for cheap. Then I did. It was a whopping $14 at Ross, and couldn't be snatched up by my fingers fast enough.

I have a lot of plans for this dress, and maybe I'll combine them all into one eventually, but this is the first quick one I threw together:

The belt came on a pair of shorts, and the sandals are from Express, on sale, with a $35 off $75 coupon... I think I ended up paying about $18 for them. Gold leaf earrings from a random NYC street shop for less than $3- Bam. $35 outfit.

And just to "EB" the outfit a little bit [AKA make it less classy], I was later seen riding a bull with a hott German twin later that night... while having blurry vision.

I've been really lucky at Ross lately, but I definitely think it has everything to do with the location of the store and the day you go on. Unfortunately, I haven't figured out which day is the best yet. I do know that if you're in the Hampton Roads area, get your butt in the Princess Anne location in VB.


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