Monday, August 20, 2012

pinspired outfits: mixing brown and black, and a rainy day

Three days into my challenge, and I'm already all mixed up. Rather than doing the weekend's outfits [Friday-Sunday] today, I only have Saturday and today's thanks to getting mildly mugged Saturday night. [No worries, I'm totally okay, and kicked the dude in the face. AKA I feel like a muh-fuh badass right about now.]

I'll get Friday's outfit up tomorrow, in the meantime, let's get all outta order, shall we?

I've always been one of those people that thinks everything needs to be matchy-matchy, and black and brown can NOT go together. Pinterest [and Lauren Conrad] proved me wrong.

I have a black tank from Ross [$4], purple skirt from Forever 21 [$8], shoes from Ross [$18], purse from the $10 airport store [that is actually falling apart, so I should probably invest in a better one ASAP... I guess sometimes cheap isn't always good.], leopard print earrings from Forever 21 [$3] and a belt that came free on a dress I got a couple years ago.

If only those heels weren't wedges... I woulda done some serious damage on the dude's face. Hmph.

Today was rainy, and I thought we were going to be outside with hundreds of Cody Simpson fans, so I went pretty simple and with rain boots. Turns out we were inside the whole time, but oh well!

I got my sweet lace-up boots from Old Navy before Mardi Gras for much more than I wanted to spend, but I do love them! [$30] My umbrella is also from Old Navy for $5 or less. My favorite pair of jorts are from Kohl's and actually came with the "scarf" as a belt [clearance- $7]. Finally, the shirt is from Aeropostale [$5]. 

Sock bun for the WIN on a rainy day that I only had 30 minutes to get ready for! I also love how it shows my hair color contrast again, which I didn't realize until now!
I will admit that ever since I was in high school I've had a philosophy: "If I can't see it, who cares what it looks like?" AKA I never pay attention to the back of my hair or clothes... hence why I had no problem just tying the "scarf" behind my neck and pretending like it was an infinity scarf. Maybe I should wear my hair down next time I do that. 

This challenge is super fun, and if anyone wants to join me in it or do it too, let me know! Send me your Pinspired outfits so I can see! Show and tell time! 

Also, if you have any pointers on how to pose without looking like an awkward freak, I'd appreciate knowing them. 


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kaceyjewel said...

Love the outfit, you look great! And you're such a pretty girl :) xo
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