Tuesday, August 21, 2012

watch etv: exclusive interview with cody simpson

Some of you may not know who Cody Simpson is, but a LOT of you love the 15 year old Aussie-singer.

15 years old. Yeah.

This town went absolutely NUTS trying to get skip the line passes for his meet and greet at KMart yesterday, and some people were even lining up at 6am for the 3pm event! Cray.

Since they obviously know more about him than I do, I picked some of the biggest fans out of the crowd and recorded questions for Cody. I showed them to him backstage, then recorded his answers. It was fun! I really like getting the fans/listeners involved.

Look at that LOOK he can give! *He's 15, EB... 15...* HIS ACCENT!!! *15!!!!!*

And seriously... chicken and diapers?!? That's one of my top 3 speechless/memorable moments in interviews. What do you say back to that?!?!

Today we have Big Time Rush in the studio, AKA a ton more screaming teen girls. I'm not mad about it. It's good people watching totally fun.


PS: This also happened.
And now thousands of people are retweeting it, hundreds of people saying they're going to name their kid with Cody "elizabethany," andddd I think I feel pretty neat right now.

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