Wednesday, July 11, 2012

watch etv: karaoke challenge on the beach

Obviously EVERYONE has a complaint about some song that the radio plays WAY TOO MUCH. [I'm not going to pretend like we don't, we totally do, but there are reasons behind our madness.] In order to give people a chance to get it off their chest, I headed to the beach with Corey and Brandon last Friday.

We asked people what song we overplayed, then challenged them to sing it, with only the instrumental. If we truly overplay it, they must know all the words, right?!

WRONG. And it was hilarious seeing them try and realize we won. It was also hilarious to see a group of 10 guys sing "Call Me Maybe."

Don't worry, I wasn't only cruel to strangers. I made all of us try it too. And even though we hear these songs multiple times a night, I think we were the worst at it. I apologize for that and our singing ability.... or lack there of.

What a fabulous caption for that thumbnail, right? Goodness, that was all so, SO wrong.

We're still heading out to do these videos on the beach every week, so if you ever have an idea for what we can do, holler at me!


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