Thursday, May 3, 2012

watch etv: riding the sling shot 200+ feet in the sky

Last weekend, my coworker Promo Joe challenged me to ride the new Slingshot ride at the oceanfront. It shoots you 200+ feet in the air at 100+ mph. Freaking insane.

The challenge was not only to ride it and get a sweet video from it, but to see who would scream first. There weren't many guidelines that we set beyond that point which made it a little tricky, but whatever.

Here's the video of us being terrified, a little sick, and slightly inappropriate.

It was absolutely scary in the beginning, but I'm not gonna lie, it was a pretty smooth ride. It was like a more freeing, less head-banging version of the Zipper... but even better.

Joe has been doing a bunch of videos that are scary/things he wouldn't normally do, and he wants me to do another one with him. We've been brainstorming, and it could get pretty cray. I need to make my balls grow quicker, stat.


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