Wednesday, May 30, 2012

nifty: the vibrating, human shaped, pillow phone [and other cell phone accessories]

Who only wants apps for their phone when they can have sweet gadgets and accessories?!

First of all, if you're in a long distance relationship or away from your family, you're going to need the Hugvie.

It's squishy, so that's neat. I'd snuggle with its vibrating body any time. And if I was in a long distance relationship, I'd make them talk real loud so ya know, it goes harder.

In case you were wondering, there are many more ridiculous accessories for your phone.

This ear case will obviously hide the fact you're on your phone while driving... and for only $16.

OR, you could hold a hand while talking. Maybe it'll make you feel like you're with that person for only $60.

But despite what you may think you should spend money on, your phone shouldn't be getting wet, so you shouldn't need a freaking windshield wiper.

Finally, something that I think is absolutely necessary, is this towel with built in speakers. Hello summer. It's so nice to see you, and this shall be my new companion at the beach for $75. [Dear Sugar Daddy or Birthday Santa...]

I think that makes us 5 steps closer to being complete cell phone geeks and having nothing but objects that have to do with them. The future is looking bright, my friends.....


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