Thursday, February 23, 2012

nifty: keyboard jeans

If you think these are crazy, I think YOU'RE crazy. They have come out with a pair of jeans that is perfect for the lazy, no-desk-having, laptop-using computer nerds like me. They literally have a keyboard, speakers, and mouse built right into them.

I haven't seen any girl versions, but let's be honest- This is about the usefulness. And girls used to be able to pull off the baggy guy jeans in the 90s, I say we bring em back full force. Maybe even have the laptop built right in!

They'll be costing a pretty penny, around $400, but eventually they'll have to go on sale. I'll be on the lookout for the both of us.

Move over, Pajama Jeans. You're not even that cool anymore.


PS: For more info on them, holler here.

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