Thursday, January 26, 2012

what they look like now: the casts of salute your shorts and step by step

It's like a treasure chest of "Where are they now" posts on the Internet today! First I find the cast of "Step by Step," then the ever so fabulous "Salute Your Shorts!"

Most of them are nowhere to be seen when it comes to being in the spotlight these days, which is why it's a beautiful thing to find them!

Here are your faves from "Step by Step:"

Christine Lakin AKA Alicia 'Al' Lambert

Christopher Castile AKA Mark Foster

Suzanne Somers AKA Carol Foster Lambert

Staci Keanan AKA Dana Foster

Angela Watson AKA Karen Foster

Sasha Mitchell AKA Cody Lambert

Patrick Duffy AKA Frank Lambert

Anndd, the Salute Your Shorts kids!

It's like... they're so normal now! I'm disappointed in the overall attractive level, though. Hmph.


1 comment:

HB said...

I can't believe Dana ended up WAY more attractive than Karen!