Tuesday, January 10, 2012

tunes on tuesday 011012

It's time for the first Tunes on Tuesday of 2012! You ready for some new music now that the artists will be stepping up their game again?

Foster the People--> Don't Stop

It's very consistent with their sound, and I'm pretty sure this song is on a commercial, right? I like it better than "Pumped Up Kicks" to be honest.

Kelly Clarkson--> Stronger

Also in a commercial! I love this song, though. It's very reminiscent of old K-Clark and a lot of fun and powerful.

Ali Lee--> Keep It Right There

It's fun, but I don't see it being huge. Then again, I could be wrong. It is a new year, time for new peeps?

Adam Lambert--> Better Than I Know Myself

It's probably my favorite, or one of, when it comes to Adam Lambert. It's definitely catchy, and his fans are behind it pushing hard.

Demi Lovato--> Give Your Heart a Break

When I tested this on air, people loved it! Even anti-Demi people said it was catchy, and I agree! It's definitely the same pop-y sound, but I've always liked that. I guess that's when I show my girl-side.

Dev ft. Enrique Iglesias--> Naked

I like the build up in the beginning, and overall it's a fun song, but I don't think it'll be as big as either of their others.

Flo Rida--> Wild Ones

I think I like all of Flo Rida's songs, but the girl singing the hook has a really pretty voice. I enjoy.

Graffiti6--> Free

It's a very soothing song, that's for sure. I don't know how it'll fit with all of the other songs on the radio, but I really don't mind having it on.

Lil Wayne ft. Bruno Mars--> Mirror

It's a great, meaningful song.. but hott damn, it's slow. Too slow.

Train--> Drive By

If you like Train, you'll like this song. It's cheesy, but it's catchy and fun and cute.

And the one everyone has been talking about this week, Jay Z's adorable song for baby Blue Ivy, "Glory."

Since I haven't been able to catch ya up in a couple weeks, there's definitely a lot! Enjoy!


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