Wednesday, January 18, 2012

nifty?: feather and fur lady-part decorations

When vajazzling came out, I didn't exactly want to jump on the bandwagon, but I saw how it could be pretty and fun to decorate your Britney.

Now there's a new trend that is apparently "BOOMING." Feather and fur "merkins."

Basically, women go in to get their entire area waxed, then they get a vagina wig in the form of fuzz or feathers...

Here's a little taste of what they'd look like..

Oh, and did I mention they START at $195?!

Isn't the point of going through the pain of waxing to have NOTHING there?! Guys don't wanna have to go through a forest of ANYTHING down there. I'm also thinking they don't wanna have feather particles in their mouths or their own regions.

...and let's face it. The ONLY reason you'd do something like that [or wax, for that matter] is because someone is going to be down there.

Freaking weird. If there's anyone who would consider doing this, please tell me now... but I'm going to stay away, I think.


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Anonymous said...

This is gold. Stealing!