Tuesday, January 3, 2012

my new year's outfit was inspired by pinterest

My Christmas was very revolved around Pinterest [I made it hella easy for Santa AND it made it easy to play Santa] and thanks to an outfit I fell in love with, so was my New Year's.
I saw an outfit a couple weeks ago that was to die for, but knew I'd never be able to afford anything like it.

...Until I walked into Forever21 one fine afternoon and saw a skirt that was about as close as I was going to get.

Here's what I wore compared to what I saw on Pinterest [with a side of Bobby Hollywood's amazing Lonely Island-inspired outfit]:

It's not nearly as classy or as jewelry-filled, but I definitely loved it, and it was CHEAP!
I'm pretty proud of how I did my hair too, but I'm a dummy and didn't take any pictures of me when I still looked great. [That picture is from at least two hours into the night... woops.]

By the way, I hope you had an amazing night of celebration! I edited this quick video of our night this morning:

I love NYE outfits, so if you wanna brag about yours- comment me, duh!


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Mike said...

You did a good job, that outfit looks nice on you.