Tuesday, December 6, 2011

watch/listen: top 25 hits of 2011 get mashed up

Woah. Is someone stealing DJ Earworm's shine?! It may technically be for Germany's top 25 pop hits, but Panos T done swept in and stole DJ Earworm's idea before he released his for this year [assuming he still is].

Check out the Top of Pop video/mash-up below. You'll know 98% of the songs, and it IS good, but I feel for Earworm! How dare someone do it when he's done it for years!

What do you think? Still excited for Earworm's mash-up, or will this do? Did they get all the songs right?

This is one of those moments where I'd throw my arms up and say "Fine. You beat me to it. Eff you. I'll find something else." Hmph.


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