Tuesday, December 6, 2011

tunes on tuesday 120611

There hasn't been a whole lot of new music beyond a couple per week, and some Christmas stuff.. but here's a catch up of what's coming soon to your favorite radio station! [Hopefully I haven't posted some of these already. I can't keep track anymore since I do a new song on my show every night!]

Childish Gambino--> Heartbeat

He's different, and I LOVE him on Community and as an actor/comedian in general, so I'm totally rooting for him.

Dev ft. Fabolous--> Kiss My Lips

Drake ft. Nicki Minaj--> Make Me Proud

Ellie Goulding--> Lights

Eva ft. Tyga--> Body on Mine

Mike Posner--> Looks Like Sex

Sean Paul--> She Doesn't Mind

Any that you love or hate? Let me know! I don't think any of them really blew me away after a couple listens.


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