Monday, December 5, 2011

gift guide: things for the female football fan

If you're searching for a girl who loves football, or is at least a big fan of a team [or, maybe, you want to ease her into being a fan of a team], I've got some ideas for you.

Sure, you can go the route of getting shirts, jerseys, pajamas, hoodies, decals, etc... or you could go beyond that. Let her feel like a girl, but also let her rep those colors.

Wine glasses [or any kind of alcohol glass- pilsner, mug, shot glass, whatever] This pair is $28.

Undies. If it's for your girl, it's practically a present for both of you. Imagine her in your team's jersey and thong. You're welcome. Pricier than most thongs, but probably worth the $11.95

Bag. I like this one because it's big enough to work for her at a tailgate, or during the off-season at the beach. If she's a classier lady than me, there are other options for you. $25

This scarf. I saw it at the game over the weekend, loved the jersey material, and didn't even know it had that secret compartment! Talk about convenience! If we can skip the whole bringing in a bag thing, it's always a good day. $25

Jewelry, of course. There are tons of pretty options, but these are some of my favorites. A nice watch with good colors and team spirit= love. This one is only $35. Any team's logo on earrings will also be pretty, but I'm loving all of the "Hail Yeah" stuff for Redskins fans lately. $10. I'm in love with the stackable rings. They're really pretty, even in person, but the price reflects it. $99

Obviously, because I'm a Redskins fan, that's what I focused on... but most of these things came from the NFL shop or Amazon, which cater to all the teams, and often have all the same products!

Please, for the love of sweet baby football Jesus, don't get her a pink jersey. Or a rhinestoned one. We don't need more of those in this world.


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