Monday, December 12, 2011

gift guide: super easy diy ideas for your besties

It must be a part of growing up, but when it comes to buying your best friend's Christmas gifts, it doesn't really happen much anymore. BUT! Isn't the whole point to show your appreciation for them? Maybe you don't have the money, but you don't have to if you make something! Plus: Chances are- you know what their room looks like and what they like.. plus, they'll appreciate something you make them forever!

Here are some ideas I'm considering! Click the pic for more info [and even more ideas!] on Pinterest!

If you took a picture or scene that was meaningful to both of you and included a quote or lyrics or an inside joke, it'd be great! Only takes a canvas, picture, stickers, and spray paint!

There's no real tutorial for this, but if you're handy at all and have some tools [especially a sodder] it'd probably be fairly easy to hammer wire out into shape.

Cute, simple, and best of all: You can make it out of scraps that you might otherwise throw away.

Each of these costs $1 if you already have paint and pictures! Those plaques/coasters can be bought for a buck at the dollar store or other craft stores.

Any kind of personalized, custom drinkwear is going to be fun, right? Imagine bragging at their next party: "I totally made these." Fun for you, too!

Don't throw out those beer bottles this week... instead, buy some yarn or twine and make them pretty!

If you're going to give a gift card, at least put some thought into it and make it fun for them to unwrap. Plenty of ideas!

A new twist on the picture frame! Black and white keeps it classy and easy to match. Love!

There are also plenty of candle ideas, like decorating votive holders, stamping quotes/lyrics onto them, and making them glittery!

Get crafty! It's fun! [and CHEAP!] You can also use any of the other Pinterest ideas I've already posted about!


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