Thursday, November 3, 2011

watch: super white cover of "get low"

My internet-aholic friend Keith sent this video to me with the caption "F#@*in white people" and I don't think he could have said it any better.

This cover of "Get Low" is a bit awkward at first, and probably all the way through, but it's also hilarious and pretty good, talent wise.

I mean... singing "oh skeet skeet, mother f#@*er" in such a pretty tone.... o_O

Now it's stuck in my head.


PS: My conversation with said friend ended with this: "If it comes out of my mouth it's white gold." I freaking love my friends sometimes.

PPS: Check out the comments on the YouTube page. They're also gold.


Wendell aka flexx13 said...
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Wendell aka flexx13 said...

That was really good! Makes me want to cover some Drake or Outkast! Maybe I should talk to Bo!