Thursday, November 3, 2011

watch: justin bieber kills an otis freestyle

Some of my friends in Texas [one in particular, anyway] will probably kick my ass for saying this, but damn! Justin Bieber KILLED this freestyle over the Otis beat! And I mean that in a GREAT way.

This radio station had NO faith in him, and he might have been a little shaky at first, but wait til he says "hold on, I'm not done." [Yes, even Bieber haters should watch this. If I'm delirious in thinking he's good, prove it.]

Homeboy just rapped a thank you speech with some serious swag, and looked HELLA CUTE doing it. Seriously. Imagine if he goes all Chris Brown on his next album and raps too? AND play the instruments? Tell me this kid doesn't deserve the fame he has, I dare you.

He amazes me sometimes. I swear I used to hate him, but nowadays it's hard to.


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